It is Saturday morning

The third day or our transatlantic journey.

The weather has been kind, and the people have been mostly kind thus far.

Day one-  We did not care to spend too much time out of our room, we were fatigued from the journey here and mostly we just wanted to be able to settle into our room and make it as comfortable as possible. We did go out for half an hour for the meet and greet at sail away, got to meet My one online friend, Pixie, and her friend Tim, but other than that, we really weren’t up for the social scene all that much. We ordered room service for dinner and watched television until late. Mostly…we relaxed. 

Day 2, we walked quite a bit around the ship, and explored. Dressed up for our first formal night, and met our table mates at dinner, all 8 of which were married British couples all in their late 60’s to maybe their early 90’s. All very pleasant. Most very chatty, and one who persistently asked E her whole life story as if he was interviewing her for a book. (He and his wife also offered to take her to the show that evening, not understanding that it wasn’t me that didn’t care to attend, but her).

There are so many details I’m not writing, like the fact we’ve used our in room kettle probably 40 times thus far and how much the wind howled last night because of a warped ceiling slat that caused a gap, we ended up closing the balcony most of the way because of the noise, and  today we have scratchy throats because of the dry heat. (No cough, no fever)

So far, we’ve not slept much later than 430 in the morning, which should help make the transition to England easier I would guess. 

No idea what we’re doing today, however it’s another formal night,  so dresses are hanging out and we will be ready for that when the time comes. 

Here’s to a lovely day!


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