Why Puddle Jumping…and Why Pandora’s box??

Puddle jumping is my way of saying I hope to find myself across the ocean more often in the future. I love to travel and I love learning about new cultures. Having grown up in the U.S., I knew very little about life on the other side of the ocean until well into adulthood. I fell in love with the people, the culture differences and the food…OMG the food!

Pandora’s box is a throwback to my username on here in a way. Greek at heart isn’t nearly expressive enough to tell you that my heart dwells in Cyprus, and in a Greek Cypriot. Most would be concerned with the fact that Pandora’s box seems to have connotations of evil or doom…but truthfully, the reason I choose to travel with *Pandora’s box*, so to speak…isn’t what came out of the box when it was opened, but what was safely nestled inside when the box was once again closed. Hope is one of the best things you can carry with you in life…and I choose to always have Hope with me, if I have nothing else, I do always have 3 things…Faith, Hope and Love.