It’s getting close!

Less than 2 months before we embark on our huge adventure!

Lots has been going on, but not a lot I have felt like writing about.

I joined a group on facebook to do with Cunard (seems to be their fan club). I have found it to be very useful, especially when asking advice on things like what to see while in London, for example.

They are not, however, friendly should you mention things like being unhappy about a price drop and hoping Cunard will make the difference up. I got an entirely different view of people when I ventured into these waters. These people would attack you with nothing to go on, and would not let up. I ended up deleting those posts as even messages when i was expressing approval, I got attacked on.

When I paid for and booked my cruise this past January, I paid $525 more for both my daughters and my ticket than I would have paid, should I have paid this week instead. Also, balcony rooms were out of reach costwise for me when I originally booked. This week I could have had one for less than I paid for our original booking. I wrote Cunard, and called their customer service as well. (Word to the wise, always book with Cunard and not outside sources, even if you save 25-50 dollars with the outside sources, if you choose to go to a third party, you wind up needing that third party to help negotiate for you, and let me tell you, they really don’t care about your issues enough to try to fix them).

so…6 phone calls later (with at least 4 other people) I took (I say took like I was given a choice)what Cunard was willing to give me. (they called it a goodwill gesture, I disagree with their perception of what “goodwill” is). They upgraded my room to a balcony room, (technically still 200+ dollars extra in their pockets, but hey!)

I learned a few things during this whole ordeal:

  1. Wait until the 60 day window to book if you can at all, you will usually get better fares if they haven’t filled up.
  2. Book directly with Cunard, as they seem to have more *goodwill* towards those who do. I may have gotten money to spend on board or at least some options on how their goodwill paid out.
  3. Don’t talk to fans of someone about the negative aspects…or you will not be happy with the results.

Does this mean I won’t travel with Cunard again…No.

But I sure hope that the trip isn’t a disappointment after all this fuss.

That might make a difference.



One thought on “It’s getting close!”

  1. Lord,,, so sorry to read of these ugly folks ,,, most are not like that (least myself and others I know in vapour land and real life)
    As to booking , a lot has to do with if you have a good Travel Agent , In my case I have used the same one for years when doing long travels with mixed air, ship’s hotels … Not that I do not trust folks but I always research and work together with my TA as sometimes she has it wrong or did not know and other times right on the monies.
    In our case due to flights over 10 hours to get to a port we have to book about a year in advance . Our first Cunard cruise / voyage 🙂 in 2015 was the 175th Anniversary of Cunard so the spaces were limited which meant I could only afford the Outside Cabin,, no price reduction came our way but Cunard did manage to link my UK folks with us to be at the same table and my Airline points allowed business class all the way from Vancouver Island to Heathrow and return. Sweet 🙂 Our second Cunard trip on QV to Panama Canal was via San fran to Fot Lauderdale and the flights were much shorter.. Once you complete Cunard 1st time you now get special savings sent to you so we got a special as above ( had to reply in 2 weeks) of the 2nd to last seqment of the 2016 World Cruise. My TA watched the pricing over the year and changed it for me twice such my price dropped $2,000 .. Would Cunard do that ,,, depends on how much you fight I guess and the agents you get . It is true if you wait you might get lower price but cruise lines are like airlines now. daily pricing based on need
    Take care


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