It’s gone too fast

I will likely write in the next few days to catch you up on the rest of the trip, but for now, we are 98% packed (waiting on morning toiletries, our nightclothes from tonight and one load of laundry that is in the washer/dryer combo {can’t say I like those}).

Its been a full day, some good, a lot of bad today.  Got up early for church after I got little to no sleep last night due to a toothache. I’ve been grinding my teeth at night. 

Got to church within 5 minutes of it’s starting, my first time being late, E was proud.

Went to lunch in Camden Town while we were there, at a little Greek Taverna called Andy’s. They were very pleasant and kind, and though they had a full house and I didn’t have a reservation, they accommodated us and were very attentive.

After lunch, we came home, and began the process of packing (I was already maybe half packed). Talked to a friend I had been supposed to meet during this trip, got my feelings crushed as he broke the friendship off.  We don’t see eye to eye on things, he’s not the kind of person where anyone else’s viewpoint is a valid one it seems. 

Not a lot this evening, talked to a few friends, watched YouTube with E, packed.

In bed now, up at 7 to finish getting us packed and out the door. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. 


One thought on “It’s gone too fast”

  1. Sorry 😐 to hear of your friend breaking a relationship as to me those flowers 🌺 speak of you as a wonderful person to know
    I hope your journey back is not as stressful getting to London area and you have a lovely trip back
    Being an just in time person I can appreciate E’s gleeful surprise
    See Mum we did it
    Look forward to your next posts


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