Good Saturday Morning

It is 9:11 am here as I sit to write, I’ve a load of dishes in the dishwasher, a cup of coffee in my hand and another queued for when this one is finished. My sweet husband is asleep after a long night at work. Kids sleeping as well…I’d say just the downstairs cat, Moses and I are up at the moment, however he’s fast asleep at my feet.

E starts online school this week, with Alabama Connections academy, I have to walk through all her on boarding with her between now and Monday. I am hopeful she will enjoy the classes and work diligently to complete her high school career on a positive note….two more years!

I start a new nursing job Tuesday and fly to Texas Friday to get a listing on the market. Real estate has been slow for me here in Alabama, but hoping once I’m established it will improve.

Lots of people I hope to see in Texas, but very short time there. Hopefully all goes well.

Nothing overly exciting here, just much of the day to day and muddling through.



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